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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Window Installation Pro

I finally finished replacing all of the windows in my home. It was a total of 14 windows and 2 triple track screen/storm replacements. Yesterday we put in 4 of the largest replacement windows and the 2 triple track storms.  I'm so proud of myself. I had taken off all of the hardware and trim molding on all of windows by myself. I also took all of nails out of the molding and then proceeded to tear apart one entire old window so there was a gaping hole ready to put the new window in by the time my friend came to help install the windows.  We proceeded in this fashion with me tearing apart the old window while he put in the new ones.  We were able to get them all done in one day.

I walked away with a few nicks on my hand but nothing bad. I will admit I had a really good teacher while doing the first 10 windows. He who shall not be named.  I think at this point I could even try installing a window by myself if it was small enough.

Below are some pics of the process but their not that great. I'll take some from outside at some point and add them.

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