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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Other Creative Ventures

Here's some of the other creative things I've been up to in the community:

*The Susan B. Anthony House-   We took a field trip there for the end of our year bonding experience. I had never been there and it was a very neat experience.

*The Reel Mind theatre and film series about mental illness-  I juried the art show Metamorphous that was in the Memorial Art Gallery exhibit hall prior to the showing of the documentary Crazy Art which was really good.

*Aerial which I did through a Rochester Meet Up Group:  You can check out a short video and other pics in my previous blog entry.

*Lilac Festival- which is a 10-day free festival in Rochester with a lot of music, food, arts and crafts and lilacs to view or rather not so much to view this year due to the warm weather so early.

*I joined a book club on the Rochester Meet Up Social Readers group and went to the first meeting today where we hung out and talked about the book "Dead End in Norvelt" by Jack Gantos. This meet up group can be found at:  Everyone was friendly and fun.

***Stay tuned for the continuous summer adventures.... next up- The Best of Europe 2012.
I leave this Wed. 5/23 for an 18 day trip abroad where I'll be heading to London, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Lucerne, Florence, Venice, Rome, the island of Capri and up to Paris.  If I can find wifi I'll try to post pics along the way!

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