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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Big Sister Little Sister Arts and Crafts

My good friend Teresa is a Big Sister for the Big Brother Big Sister program in our area ( Her little sister, Destiny is in 9th grade, on her way to being a track star and is very talented when it comes to arts and crafts. I was honored for them to invite me to partake in an afternoon of fun, art and food!  This past Sunday I provided both Teresa and Destiny with a tutorial on making the yarn wreaths so that Destiny could make one for a gift for Mother's Day.  We used smaller wreaths and colorful yarn. During our breaks from creating Destiny and Teresa set out to teach me a little bit about baking (not my area of expertise). They made us a delicious Apple Cobbler. Yummy! I should have taken a picture of that to post! Below are our wreaths. Give a shout out to Destiny for her awesome wreath making skills!

                                                                 Destiny's Wreath

My 3rd Wreath.

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