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Monday, May 14, 2012

Dirt Cake Galore

Have you ever made Dirt Cake for dessert? If not here is my mother's recipe. I helped her make this for Mother's Day dessert. (Well kind of- I did what I mostly do... got in the way and ate the ingredients!) Yummy!!!!

Dirt Cake Recipe
(45-50) oreo's crushed (we used our feet to crush....just kidding)
mix 8 oz. of cream cheese
1/2 a  stick of margarine or butter
1 cup of confectionary sugar
some gummy worms (option)
**once everything is mixed SET ASIDE

mix the following until it thickens:
12 oz. of cool whip
2 boxes of vanilla pudding (reg. size boxes)
3 1/2 cups of milk
**after mixing SET ASIDE

Take a clean pail or in our case we used a mixing bowl that kind of looked like a pail.
-start with a layer of the cookies and cream cheese mix as the bottom layer.
-next a layer of cool whip mix
-continue this layer pattern until you reach the top of the bowl and make sure to end with a layer of the cookies and cream on top.
**final piece to the recipe is to take some fake flowers and wrap them in plastic sandwich bag or saran wrap and stick in the middle of the Dirt Cake.

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