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Saturday, August 29, 2015

T-shirt Quilt

Also created within a couple of days at the end of July was this t-shirt quilt.  I had a bag full of 
t-shirts that I had received well working at the college.  Most I wore to events but then never again cause even if they were smalls they were huge. I was spending some time with my grandma and while we caught up on life I worked on creating a quilt out of the t-shirts.  

I always hate working with t-shirts because they are very stretchy and make sewing a pain. I did my best cutting out the designs and then sewing them together.  If I was making a true Naz quilt I would have waited and purchased purple fabric with yellow in it or did a purple and yellow striped back but I wanted something I could finish now so I used some fabric I had purchased a long time ago at Craft Bits and Pieces and completed the quilt. Not to shabby for a couple of days worth of work.

Another Furniture Redo

This post has been sitting here waiting to happen for a while now. I actually created this DIY Project back at the end of July but life has been crazy and time has flown by.  So I'll get straight to the topic and tell you how I did this redo.

My parents gave me this piece of furniture (or perhaps I mentioned really wanting it). ;)  It had a horrible scallop design at the front of each square box which I thought made it look dated. Plus I prepare simple looking furniture. So I got the crowbar and a hammer out and took the scallop edges off. Then because there was a varnish on the entire piece I lightly sanded down the main form and all of the boxes inside and out. (aka the yucky part) 

Then I purchased flat black spray paint and sprayed the entire main piece of furniture.  The coral spray paint was the trickiest part.  I looked in multiple stores and online and the only place I saw the color I was looking for was on amazon. I bought 2 cans to make sure I had enough and I ended up using both cans. I used the coral for the boxes.  I found some chalkboard spray paint and decided to tape of blocks on the front of the bins. I thought since I was going to be using this piece of furniture for my art supplies in my new place it would be cool to be able to label the bins. However; the biggest mistake I made on this project was using chalkboard spray paint. Even taping off every inch of the front of the bins there was still an over spray that left the lines not good.  I ended up using chalkboard paint on the entire front of the bin which I ultimate liked better but there still continued to be some over spray but it worked out okay.

Overall this piece turned out just how I envisioned it. I can't wait to get it to my new place and put my art supplies in them.