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Monday, March 4, 2013

MotherLove Project

This month's art charity was chosen from a book I picked up for .75 at Craft Bits & Pieces a week or so ago.  It's awesome because this woman who started out donating art creations to charities started a blog and eventually got others on board.  Her book is a collection of different charities and crafty art donations you can donate to.  I chose the MotherLove program through the YWCA of Asheville for this month's charity art donation.

The book gives an idea of a project you can donate and patterns.  This one was to embroider a bird with a flower pattern on the top right side of a white onesie and then dip the bottom half in a colored dye.  Well, of course I took my own spin on what I created.  My co-worker had a bunch of like new onesies that her daughter has out grown. They were all in awesome condition and she was happy to donate them to this cause.  I searched for some baby friendly images online and then free hand embroidered them on the onesies.  I then used a Michaels coupon and picked up a calming shade of green dye for $1.23.  I haven't tie dyed in a long time and didn't even know it required salt. So after a trip to the grocery store I stood in the kitchen with a couple of pots, the dye and salt while scratching my head trying to figure out the directions.  In the end I winged it and just did what I thought I should do.  Instead of dipping the bottom half solid into the dye I decided to tie dye the bottom half and used rubber bands to create the tie dye effect.  A little dye accidentally got on the spoon I was using, then on my hands, then on a onesie which created a kind of cool different color look all over the onesie.

In the end I made 7 onesies in about 3 hours worth of work (this was mostly while watching a movie). ;)  It was pretty easy and fun to do.  My co-worker who donated the onesies has a bunch more. She liked the look without the tie dye but I liked them either way. I may create some more with a one color dye look and without dye. Who knows... maybe I'll even sell them on my Esty shop someday if I ever get it started. :)