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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 7- Venice

So it's been a while since I've had internet. Where did I leave off? After Amsterdam we headed to Heidelberg which was beautiful! I had a chocolate gelato for lunch.  I started reading my tourist book that I purchased as we headed out of town and realized that I ended up purchasing a book in GERMAN! Not helpful!

 We then headed to Lucerne in the Swiss Alps and spent two nights there. The Swiss Alps was amazing and the most clean air and water that I've ever been around. I took an air tram thing in Engelberg up to Mt.Titlis (and yes it's pronounced as it reads) and the trip was breathless. Literally. It was 10,000 ft up into the sky into snow and glaciers and I stood in the snow with sandals on. Yes, I did end up with a bad Raynaud attack by the end of the trip but it was worth it.

In Lucerne the hotel was in the city which was great for walking around, but horrible for sleep. It is like NYC and always car noises and drunk people making a lot of noise. My roommate being one of them. She can be quite annoying - drunk every night, loud,  2 showers a day which makes it hard for me to get ready everyday, snores, and snorts at night and very unwilling to compromise. Feel like I'm in college dealing with immature people. Ive had to work on ignoring her and luckily have many other cool people to hang out with.

 Today we headed to Lugano and then on to Verona, Italy where I visited Juliet's house (the same one from the movie "Letters from Juliette") and I had my picture taken holding the breast of some female statue which is suppose to bring good luck. Then we ended our trip in Venice where we will be for 2 days. I did the Venitian tour and dinner tonight with some of the tour group and it was a blast! Tomorrow back to Venice for a glassblowing tour, Gondola ride and then a free afternoon exploring Venice. So far my favorite place is Venice.

Small town somewhere in Germany.

This small town was founded during the Middle Ages and while I was there it was a holiday similar to our Renaissance Fair.

Heidelberg, Germany- It's said to bring luck if you stand under the bronze monkey.



Lucerne, Switzerland- original city bridge

Standing on the top of Mt. Titlas eating snow.

The freshest cleanest water I've ever seen. It was freezing!!! The bottom of Mt. Titlas in the small village of Engelbert.

Lucerne old city wall border.

Me riding a Disney merry-go-round in Lugano, Switzerland.

Juliet's House- It's said to bring good luck if you touch the statue's right breast.

Love padlocks.

Night out in Venice, Italy.

5 course Venetian dinner. oh so good!

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