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Friday, August 8, 2014

Gratitude Community Swap

The newest community swap for the Art (therapy) + Happiness project just happens to be based around gratitude. We are creating Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) and will again receive a list from other participants letting us know we will be trading with from all over the world. The theme of this ATC art swap is "Gratitude." You can share whatever gratitude wisdom you want to in the form of images, words, inspirational quotes...have fun and share something that you think might inspire others to find gratitude in their lives. 

If you've never made an ATC here's some information about them:

ATCs are small works of art that can be traded with other artists.  They can be fun to make when you don't have much time or space. They are also useful as little reminders of messages you wish to carry with you, perhaps in your handbag, backpack or in the car. They are also nice to give to others as little random acts of kindness. 

  • The dimensions of an Artist Trading Card are 2.5” x 3.5” or 64 x 89 mm
  • ATCs can be made from: playing cards, flashcards, cardboard, mat board, cold press watercolor paper, or you can also buy ATC packs from art suppliers.
  •  Materials to use for your ATC can range from collage, mixed media, stamping, drawing, painting, photographs and more!
  • On the back of each ATC you may like to write a message to yourself or to the person who receives the card, and the date ATC was created.

I decided to create my ATCs while I was down in SC visiting my nephew and family.  I only found basic art supplies to use in their house. I ended up using white card stock paper, color swirly crayons and a permanent black marker.  I wasn't sure what I could do with these limited materials but was up for the challenge. I think any artistic person should be able to create with any materials provided. Below is what I created: