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Monday, May 18, 2015

Glow 5k race, graduation, and summer time...

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. A lot has been going on. I’ll try to cover it all as concisely as possible.

I did a night Glow 5k trail raise back in my home town. I got my friend Stephanie to run it and my parents to watch it. Neighbor Bob (Stephanie’s dad) came to support us.  We decked ourselves out in bright colors, head lamps, and lots of glow sticks.  It was a really fun race to be a part of. It started at 8:30pm and was completely dark by the end. There was 403 runners/walkers total.  I placed 15th overall. My time was 24:36. I placed 1st in my age group 30-39 and got a cool trophy.  The only disappointment is I later read the trophy and they gave me the male 1st place trophy for my age group. ;(

The next day I headed back up to Rochester and threw an impromptu fire pit party that night. The weather was sooo beautiful and perfect for a cook out.  21 of my closest friends from all parts of my life got together and brought a dish to pass including smore making goods!  We played bocci ball until dark then got the fire going and made some smores. Oh, and we even did sparklers!!! It was an awesome time!! I have such wonderful friends.

Since then I’ve been busy with the HESAA graduation dinner and award ceremony where I along with two other classmates were chosen to graduate with distinction.  That same day I took my student worker who turned 21 for froyo and we biked a total of 8 miles along the canal to Bushnel’s Basin in Perrinton. A co-worker came along and it made for a fun time. We tried to be good samaritans and help a woman out who had dumped herself and her kayak in the canal. We attempted to bike and carry the kayak all the way to the parking lot. We did pretty good until my colleague turned right before saying he was turning right! Yep- you guessed it. The kayak was on the left side, cut across in front of my tire and I went over the side of the bike and the kayak landing on the pavement. Not fun! Hurt pretty bad and I was sore all over the next day but I survived and did a good deed. Now that’s called “paying it forward”!

I’ve spent the past week running along the lake and my neighborhood streets taking in the great weather and eating ice cream almost daily. I was lucky enough to spend Mother’s Day with my family and celebrate my grandma’s 87th birthday with her (with a lovely piece of cake I got her from Savoia’s). And I got to meet up with my undergrad college roommate/friend and her second baby boy who is now 3 months old.

My chaotic crazy life continues…coming up:

  • Blues Travelers this Wed. at the Lilac Festival
  • Movie with friends
  • a Nighthawks game
  • New Mexico and Thailand 3 week adventure