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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Long Days, Lots of Art, INFJ

This week was a fairly productive week especially considering I had four very long 13 hour days.  I accomplished most things on my to do list and even took a much needed day away from reality and transformed into a slug.

Here's some of my adventures from this past week.

1.  I co-hosted a Paint Your Heart Out party for students. This was a successful event from last semester  that we brought back. The twist was that we made it a ROCO 6x6 party. We used 6x6 canvases and students were given the opportunity to donate their pieces to ROCO.  We had over 120 students partcipate. This week we will hang an art exhibition at the college for a month and then take down and donate the pieces at the end of March.  This event was videotaped and spotlighted on the Wellness Wednesday Series that the college has started.
You can check ROCO's 6x6 at;
And the Wellness Wednesday video at:

2.  A GA for Res Life at the college is working to put together a how-to series and was looking for faculty or staff to teach students in an informal setting based on the topic of that month.  The first workshop in the series was How-To Knit.  I volunteered and took part in teaching some students how to do a basic knit this past week.  Other staff taught arm knitting and a basic knit. One of my goals would be to learn how to art knit!  This was a fun event that taught over 15 students a new skill. Most were excited to create a scarf as some were headed to NYC for a weekend trip. (Of course I think we all forgot to take pics!)

3.  Wednesday night found me not wanting to do anything I needed to get done so instead I spent the night finishing my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project.  I officially completed all pages and mailed it out Friday! Hopefully in 4-6 weeks you will be able find it on the online digital library and if you ever are in Brooklyn, NY you can find it in the actual Sketchbook Library.
You can check out the digital library at;

4.  I completed a couple of 6x6 pieces myself this week.  I'm hoping to find time to host a 6x6 party with some of my friends before the April 20th deadline.  That would be a fun time!

5.  For one of my classes I had to take the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test which is the Myers Briggs Personality test.  I'm pretty sure I took this in undergrad for a class but of course that was so long ago I don't remember it. Plus the results can change over time.  A staff member from Career Services came and provided us each with a personalized packet containing our "type" and what it all means.

I'm proud to say I am INFJ= Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging.  Before having known what each meant I agreed with it all except for the judging part. However, after it was described to us, my results were pretty spot on especially as judging means you like organization, schedule, details, finish things early to avoid stress, and are a short and long term planner.  Not surprising was that one of the top career suggestions for me was a counselor!  If I could I'd share this one page description that shares what it means to be an INFJ but not sure how to do that. Basically it calls me "The Protector" and everything it says describes me pretty accurately.  According to the test only 1% of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all types. This test is helpful to become aware of how you process information and how your personality may positively or negatively affect communication with others.

If you want to take the short free version like I did go to; It's pretty interesting. If you have a significant other you should both complete it and talk about the results.

6.  My friend Christie emailed all of us ladies and wanted to host a craft night to make soothing snakes for her two groups of clients she works with who are around age 5.  If you aren't aware weighted or soothing snakes are a sensory accessory that helps to comfort and calm those with autism or other sensory disorders.  About six of us got together for pizza, drinks, peanut butter chocolate brownies and lots of material to make some weighted snakes.

Anyone can make these no matter what your level of craftiness is. They are pretty easy.  You can use cool long socks or fleece material sewn up on three sides, fill it with rice, and sew closed. Add accessories such as buttons for eyes, scales to make a dinosaur, wings, ears, teeth or tongue. You can use fleece scraps or satin for the accessories. We didn't but you could add iron on patches or other accessories if you desire. Beware rice can be messy (especially if you were me and my sock full of rice slipped while I was threading my needle- sorry Christie!).  We were a creative bunch and were able to get all of them made. Hopefully my friend's clients will enjoy them and be soothed!

I had a hard time finding a tutorial but here is something close to the weighted snake;

**Bonus:  I was parking at work Friday morning and as I pulled into the parking lot this was parked in the lot and still there when I left for the day.

The Scooby Doo Mobile!!!

**Stay tuned as the coming few weeks promise to bring many new and wacky fun adventures!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Winter Blahhhhhs

This past week found me moaning and groaning each morning as I've shoveled the driveway practically daily this winter.  Like most people I know I am so over this winter. I'm not a winter person to begin with so the endless grey, freezing cold, and never ending snow is torture.  If there is a light at the end of the tunnel it's that today I noticed it stayed light out until about 6pm which leaves a tiny hope that someday in the next 3 months this winter might give way to spring.

I did have my wine book club Monday night which was a positive way to start the week. The book was Me Before You. Of course we did our normal talk about the book for 5-10 minutes and then moved on to random topics. :) The food was delicious and the company hilarious!  Then I had the book club with my mom and sister Saturday via Facetime. My mom couldn't get through more than 2 chapters of Middlesex but once she heard my sister and I discussing it she kept asking questions. :)

The most exciting news from this past week was that my mom came up for a girls weekend.  I actually COOKED us a nice meal on Valentine's Day and bought her flowers since her birthday is this coming week.  We spent time creating invitations for a birthday party/baby shower for my nephew and sister. It's a big deal that they will be visiting on my nephews birthday for the first time in 4 years and that my sister is pregnant again after almost 7 years.  Yes, that means I'm going to be an Auntie again!!!

On Saturday we went shopping for party decorations and then I took my mom out to dinner and a movie. We saw Winter's Tale with Collin Farrell (what a hottie) and it was a pretty good movie.  My mom was a team player and got up early with me on Sunday morning to partake in the 5th Annual Strong Walk for Kids, a fundraiser and collaboration with Nazareth College and St. John Fischer.  A shout out to my friends and coworkers who sponsored me for the walk.  There was a nice set up inside the gym with family friendly activities. My mom and I participated in the tie dyed t-shirt making and decorate your own cookie. Tim Hortons was a sponsor and so we were treated with delicious hot chocolate and donuts after the brisk cold walk in the morning.

Unfortunately time fly's and I'm not sure if/when I'll see my parents again before my sister and her family are up in April. We are all looking forward to the family "reunion" as it doesn't happen much these days.  I'm heading to Costa Rica in March for 10 days and between work, grad classes and races my schedule is jam packed for the near future. Yes, you read correctly...Costa Rica here I come.  I can't believe this adventure is less than a month away.  Hot springs, volcano hikes, zip-lining with the monkeys in the rainforest, cloud walking and SUPPing here I come!

One last thing I did this week was e re-decorating my work office.  I created this "thing" (I'm not sure what to call it) to hold the thank you notes and inspiring words students and coworkers have given me over the years.  I feel better since I cleansed out my office, organized a bit more and spruced up the environment.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Puppy Love, Pole Dancing, and WNYATA

This week found me mostly stepping off of the struggle bus. Health wise I am starting to feel much better.  My one downfall was a fall on my way into work this past Monday morning. I was still on a high from my 11 mile run and was walking down the parking lot hill and WHAM! I hit some black ice and fell on my right knee pretty darn hard.  I was more concerned that I had my ipad and laptop with me and hanging on the side I fell on.  I said a few not so nice works and limped the rest of my way into work. I had a large lump and bruising but nothing broken so overall I fared out well. The worst part ended up being that I had a 4 pack of yogurt in my purse and landed on it when I fell. You guessed it...2 of the yogurts burst inside of my purse all over everything. What a way start my week!

On the positive end here are some highlights to my week:

1.  I made it to candlelight yoga this week and got in a 4.5 mile run right before it.

2. I read the following books this week:
Allegiant by Veronica Roth ****
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin  **
Night Road by Kristin Hannah ****.5

3.  I ran in the Puppy Love Virtual 10K through the Humane Society.  I ran a multi-level course on the treadmill trying to mimic a slightly hilly run outside minus the freezing cold and bitter wind.  I tend to run faster in real races but did okay.  My time was 53.46 for 6.2 miles.  I continued on to run a total of 8 miles in 67.30.  I had been looking for the perfect t-shirt to wear for the race (just for the fun of it). I ended up finding it on amazon;  It was a pink Punky Brewster puppy love t-shirt. You'd have to know my history with Punky Brewster to appreciate it.

When I was wee little girl I was obsessed with Punky Brewster. I loved her since of style and the character.  When I started Kindergarten my mother told me I would attempt to dress like Punky Brewster wearing layers upon layers such as sweatpants, a skirt, leg warmers, a long sleeve shirt and sweater.  She soon tired of trying to make me change and let me wear my desired outfit to school (thinking that I would get picked on enough and give up the style). I can't remember if I ever got picked on. I think I just eventually grew out of the phase.

Anyway, I really wanted the t-shirt but didn't want to spend 20+ dollars on a shirt that no one but me was going to see. You could post pics of you on Facebook for this race but I don't do Facebook so no one was going to see the awesome T.  Instead I pulled out an old white faded t-shirt that was in the throw away pile and using some fabric markers I made my own puppy love t-shirt. I had fun knowing I was wearing it race day! :)
I don't take selfies so this is what you get from this race.

4.  I had coffee with a very good friend of mine. Or rather she had coffee and I had a large hot chocolate with a giant peanut butter cookie (this was my breakfast and lunch). Yummy!  We hadn't touched base in a while and it was great to spend time with an awesome friend.

Starry Nights Cafe one of my favorite coffee venues in the city.

5. I felt a bit like a college student but I went with some friends to a house party where there was a band performing. It's my friend's friend's band.  It was great time catching up with my friends, meeting some new people and listening to a pretty good band. As a perk we were all given one of their CD's.  Their called The Red Lion and perform around Rochester at different venues.

6.  The WNYATA hosted it's first large community event of the year today. The Welcome was shown at The Little today with a music performance by Jason Moon prior to the film screening.  It was a fairly successful turnout and the musical performance, film and panel discussion was very moving and powerful.

7.  My friend and I were adventurous and checked out the Pole Fitness class at Ariel Arts Saturday. Oh my...what an adventure. Let's just say neither of us will be taking the class again.  I was annoyed from the get go because the teacher was late in getting there and very late starting (18min. and I had been there 15min. prior to make sure I got a spot). I thought the whole point of getting there early to ensure a spot was because the class fills up quickly and max's out at 10 but they allowed 20 people in and you had to double up on the poles which meant less practice time.  They also never shared on the website under Pole Class Level 1 that there was specific attire you should wear. Apparently this is spanks and a tank top which frankly even if I knew I wouldn't be caught in spanks in public. However, my friend and I would have at least worn shorts.  Apparently you need a lot of skin showing so that it sticks to the pole. We had on our running/workout clothes.

The moves were pretty difficult and the instructor although very nice and friendly was all over the place. The other women in the class were very nice and those that had been going for a bit took the time to help my friend and I out so we didn't hurt ourselves doing a move wrong.  My friend and I realized we have virtually no arm or stomach muscles. We also found it painful because you whacked into the pole all of the time. We both reported via text that we had bruises and were sore the next day.

So was it a workout? Yes without a doubt! Will I be doing it again? That's a firm no! I'll stick to the Trampoline fitness class.

Can I tell you how hard it is to make it look this easy. I really was holding back a grunt a painful face look.

8. Below are some pics from the Sketchbook Project that I completed this week.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ballet, Valentines, the Dress, and art therapy news

Well...this week found me still on the struggle bus but just a little bit smoother of a ride.  The upswing started to happen Friday. I had new art therapy groups starting and so Friday found me having 3 art therapy based groups and everyone showed which was amazing!  Following a day of groups I went with the art therapy club president and vice president to support them through the final phase of becoming a club.  They had to go before the Senate (which was a very intimidating 25 students) and answer questions about the proposed club and it's purpose.  After a waiting period of 5 minutes the verdict came and we got it! We received approval and now there is officially an art therapy club at the college where I work and I'm the advisor. Woo...who...  Below are my other upswing adventures of the week/weekend.

1. I went back to Trampoline fitness with a friend who hadn't been before. We had a fun time laughing at ourselves and each other. I was actually surprised that I caught on even quicker this time and made a lot less mistakes.  My goal is to keep going back and we want to try the Pole class sometime.

2.  I saw in the Arts and Culture section of the D&C last weekend that the Rochester City Ballet was performing this weekend and since I work where the performance was going to be I got 1/2 off tickets. I put a call out to friends to see if anyone else wanted to embark on this new adventure with me and three of my friends came along.  I thought the performance was going to be a mix of ballet with contemporary dance which in my eyes I envisioned contemporary dance as "So You Think You Can Dance" dancing. Ahhhhh...not quite. It was pretty good until the collaboration with musician James Vandemark. I was okay with his cello performance but once he started making "sounds" and then hollering random words I got lost. In actuality I got freaked out.  I swear I thought I'd have nightmares from his sounds and voice.  They had a panel discussion after and my friends and I looked at each other, gave the nod, and unceremoniously jetted out of the theater. I guess we just are not that cultured of people.

Ballet: RCB Style

3.  Rochester Artists & Craft Persons is a new Meetup in my area that I came across a few weeks ago.  I opted out of the couple of meetups I was a part of as I never really went to anything and changed to do different meetup groups with this being one of the them.  This one was founded by the creator of the Rochester Makerspace and is a collaborative effort.  I signed up to go to a members house to make Valentine Cards. While I typically don't celebrate Valentine's Day as I consider it a Hallmark greeting card day I thought it would give me a chance to meet some people that enjoy crafting.  As a bonus I got to try out all of these nifty crafting tools that the women at the event had.  Wow they were serious card makers and had all of the gadgets to go with it.  This was a pretty wonderful way to spend a few hours on a cloudy cold Saturday.  The women I met were lovely and very willing to share their knowledge and supplies with everyone.  I've already planned to head back to Deborah's house for another meetup March 1st where we will be creating glass fusion pendants. Yes, she has a kiln at her house!!!

Here's my cards I created!

4.  This morning I woke up and started off my day by working on hemming and altering my dress for the Mess a Dress race.  I got it all hemmed up and taken in successfully. Well it's successful in that it stays up. Just don't look to closely at the sewing job.   I made a trip to Michaels and purchased some 1.5 inch multi-colored pink ribbon for 2 bucks (with a coupon) and used the ribbon to create straps for the dress. It's all done and looks pretty darn cute and wearable!
Okay- here's the dress without the ribbon straps. I took the photo before putting on the straps. Don't worry I'll post a before and after on race day.  I ended up having enough tule to do 3 layers underneath. How fun is that!

5.  My final news is that I had a break through run this afternoon.  I've been struggling lately with some health issues and one of the side effects has been a lack of wanting to be on the dreadmill.  I've only been running about 4x's a week though I have enjoyed the trampoline fitness and yoga 1x a week each.  Anyway, I told myself I would run 9 miles today if I want to keep the idea of possibly running the Rochester City Half Marathon in my mind for April.  However, I was really struggling between 3-6 miles and told myself I really am not enjoying running this much and felt that I didn't want to focus on training for the marathon any longer.  Then a miracle occurred. I got to my 6 and said I think I can do 7. Then once I hit 7 I thought "hey I do 9". Then when I was coming upon 9 I said to myself "I'm going to break the 9 mile slump and do 10". Once I hit 10 I said "You know what try to see if you can do 11." And you know what...I did!! So I started off a new running week by hitting a milestone of 11 miles straight in 94.34.  Perhaps I'll keep trying for the marathon. :)  If you need an inspiring blog about running check out this one; I really enjoy reading her creative post and you'll notice I've picked up some of her fun lingo.

6.  Oh, here are some updated pics of my Sketchbook project that I completed over this past week.