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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 3-4 Amsterdam to Cologn

The weather continues to be sunny and warm in the 70's. We are really lucky still. Yesterday I took the underground/ underwater tunnel from London to Brussels. There we met everyone on our tour and I met my roommate who is Emma from Aussie. She has 3 months off from work and is traveling all over the world during those 3 months. At first appearance she seems nice but a little ill and snored last night. :(   I actually met a couple from Rochester who are on my tour. How crazy is that! In addition I met quite a few other people including newlyweds from Toronto who are my age and very neat people to hang out with. They met on an online dating service 3 years ago. I opted out of the optional excursion in Amsterdam at night and went with the Canadians on our own. Our hotel is outside of the city so we navigated the train into the city, walked the canals, had dinner on the canal (which they charged me for tap water by making me buy a drink before I could get a glass of water), and then we walked through the Red Light district. On the way back the hotel shuttle left about 10 of us stranded at the station at midnight. None of us were happy about that and had to pay for cabs.

Amsterdam is full of bikes, lots of people, cigarette smoking, drinking, public groping/affection, and the "other" kind of smoking. The architecture is beautiful and the canal system is splendid.

Me in Amsterdam.

Canal view.

Bikes, bikes and more bikes.

Graffiti is big throughout Europe.

This was my dinner. A chocolate pancake the size of a pizza!

Tom and Kelly newlyweds from Toronto.

Me on the train back to hotel after a Saturday night in Amsterdam.

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