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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Creative Deed Project

I follow Gretchen Millers, 6 Degrees of Creativity Blog. She is a fellow art therapist and is very active in field.  She sent out an email calling for participants to be a part of an Art Filled Postcard Exchange Project.
"Earlier this summer at the national art therapy conference in Baltimore, inspiration for a new creative collaboration was sparked during a 6 Degrees of Creativity meet-up, as well as a focus group I led on social media's impact on creative motivation. These initial dialogues resulted in art therapist Nancy Lautenbach and me to brainstorm ideas for a new creative collaboration. In the spirit of the Creative Deed Project launched by 6 Degrees of Creativity in 2014 and Nancy's viewing of The Big Hope Show at the American Visionary Art Museum while we were in Baltimore, we are excited to announce a postcard art exchange called "Art-filled Hope"." 6 degrees of creativity blog

I immediately jumped on board and said yes.  The goal was to create 3 hope filled inspirational postcards and then send them to the 3 participants that you were emailed which could be anywhere throughout the world.  I got my 3 mailed out in early September and then on FaceBook I saw that my friend/past art therapy supervisee was also partaking in this project. We decided to create postcards for each other and mail them.  She received all 4 of hers but I only received 3. Bummer! Oh well I still loved opening that mailbox and finding something beautiful and inspiring instead of just junk and bills!!  

Below are cards I made. Since I made an extra one I turned that into a card I sent to a friend.

These are the ones I received in the mail:

Check out Makerspace

I recently discovered that the Columbia, SC main downtown Richland Library has a Makerspace in it!  I went to the one in Rochester but it was opened by a couple of men who wanted to create a space for artist in the community to create even if you didn't have the space, tools, or knowledge yourself.  This was a great concept and while I visited it a couple of times much of the space focused on technology and not quite what I was looking for. You also had to become a member to use it and pay a monthly fee and I wasn't sure I would utilize it enough.

Well, through a professor at the college I work at I discovered this new local Makerspace right here in my new city.  I went with an art class of students and was given a tour of the space and learn of upcoming events/workshops being held. What's really neat is that this Makerspace takes place right in your traditional library. It is on the second floor of the library and holds a space for sewing, a woodworking shop, a green room, a post production editing room, a 2-3D art studio, a resident artist space and a movie theater.  Everything is state of the art. They also have multiple really cool meeting rooms there and tons of computers. Plus books galore!!!! If you can't find you'll know where I'll be!!!! If you live in Columbia, SC check it out.

Shrinky Dink- Bringing back the memories

Does anyone remember making art out of shrinky dink when you were a kid?  Well one of my close friends shared some small art she had been making from shrinky dink and it made me want to try it out as a grown adult. I also wanted to experience it with my niece (2) and nephew (9).  

I went on amazon and ordered a 10 sheet pack of the Frosted Ruff N'Ready Creative Pack by Shrinky Dink for about 6 dollars.   While my sister and her husband went on a date night I brought over the Shrinky Dink and the kids and I ended up having a blast creating little creatures, bears and ice cream. I think I had more fun then when I was a kid using it.  The best part was putting them in the oven and all of us hunkered down to peer through the glass and watch as are creations shrunk before are eyes.  We still have a few sheets left. I think I'll bring them over again around Christmas to make some decorations.

Card Making Obession Continued...

Card obsession continued…  After creating all of the cards for my dad I was tired of card making but was on a roll and the dining room table was still a mess with all of the supplies so I decided to keep things going since there are many friends with birthdays in November, my sister’s wedding anniversary and a friend of mine just bought her first house.  Since I’m working on saving some money I thought this would help me out some and I think people like getting something homemade every now and then.

Below is what I came up with.

60th Birthday Card Obession Surprise

My card obsession started late September when I found out there wasn’t any way I could make it home to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday.  I was trying to think of some creative ideas and came up with creating 60 birthday cards for my dad. I pulled out all of my card making supplies and started out enthralled with a funny monster series then moved on to a series of things my dad enjoys like mowing the lawn, hunting, fishing, etc… By card 30 I was pretty much over the cards but I rallied through and by gathering some ideas from online and Pinterest I was able to make it to 60 cards.  It took me about 3-3.5 weeks working on creating the cards over the weekends, on my lunch breaks, and during the evening.  I think they turned out very well overall.  I mainly used watercolors, permanent markers, and paper.  Luckily I found enough envelopes for all of the cards.  

After making the cards I had to address all of the envelopes which took an evening. Then I realized I still had to write in each card!! Oh boy- that took some additional time. In the end I got the project all done ahead of schedule. I’m planning on mailing them all out about 6 days before his Nov. 1st birthday.  I’ll write an update on what he thought receiving all of the cards!!

String Nail Art

Work provided me with another art challenge back in September.  I was challenged to create a reusable sign that would draw attention in our dining hall for when we host Eat and Mingle events. This is a reoccurring event where we invite students over during the lunch time to mingle with us career coaches and ask us any questions they may have. It's a way for us to do some outreach and see our students in a different setting.

The challenge was not only creating the signage but doing it on a "zero" dollar budget again.  While we were moving students in on campus I spent some time getting to know our landscaper and asked him if he had any piece of wood or plywood hanging around not being used and he said he thought he could find a piece.  Monday morning he came strolling in with a nice big piece of wood for me.  I brought in my paints and painted the wood all black.  Then I asked my boss to bring in any nails she had hanging around. She brought in a couple of glass bottles full.  I brought in my embroidery thread that I had a lot of and thus the project began to come to fruition.

I penciled in the letters and then began hammering away.  I got some attention from the students and staff wondering by so it was a great way to start advertising for the event.  It took about 3-4 days to get all of the nails done.  This is because it was still 100-105 outside and humid so I had to do it in shifts since I working.  Then I started with the string.  I weaved in and out along the outside of the nail shapes and then went back through stringing inside the shape. I could have done it thicker but didn't have the time.

Overall the project cost "$0" and gave us a sturdy sign to use for years to come.  It also catches the eyes of students when we are in the dining hall. So a win win for all.