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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Other Stories from Europe

So in our hotel room in Venice I came across my first bidet. It looks like a seperate toilet/sink. It's quite interesting to try and figure out how it works since they give you soap but no washcloth. Then next to the sink is this weird vacuum hose thing which my roommate and I originally thought was a strange foreign hair dryer but quickly came to the conclusion that it was a bum dryer after you use the bidet! No one else on our tour realized this and kept saying they had hair dryers in their room so we told them what it really was- those of them who had attempted to use it to blow dry their hair that morning held steadfast that it wasn't a bum dryer because the thought that they had used it to dry their hair was to much! :). I used the bidet to wash my feet one day and it worked quit nicely because it was low to the ground.

 Oh, I forgot to mention something very important- my hair LOVES Europe. For once in my life it's been behaving wonderfully. Not sure why but who am I to question the hair Gods. I also can't remember if I mentioned it before but on my tour I met a very nice couple that is from Rochester- Victor to be exact. Isn't it a small world? People on my tour are from all over and yet on my specific tour is a couple from Rochester. Crazy!

This one looked more like a foot washer.

This one was for sure a bidet.

Just wanted to show you how they work. :)

See does that look like a blow dryer to you. No way. It's a bum dryer!

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