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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Other Adventures...

Part of the reason I have neglected blogging lately has been due to my efforts to spend time with my niece and nephew, enjoying my new SO relationship and being being in love, meeting new people and getting out and around in my new city to see what it has to offer.  Here's some of the adventures I've been up to:
1. Weekend in Asheville, NC with Mr. Pilot - Amazing food, art galore and the Biltmore Estates tour

2.Taking part in a new bookclub through MeetUp- books read:
-Offshore by Penelope Fitzgeral * not good at all
-Agenda 21 (read on my own) by Glenn Beck ***.5
-All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr ****

3. My apartment complex had a wine and cheese night which had great food and I got to meet some cool people that live here. They also had door prizes and I won a gift card out to eat!

4.  I was a mentor for the Girls On The Run race/program and ran with an awesome 5th grader during the race. She came in 1st place for her school.  Mr. Pilot was the best and came with me and we volunteered to help with parking before the race. We had to be there at 5am which was way to early and it was freezing out. He was such a trooper!!

5.  I started participating in a Sat. morning running group. They run a couple of different distances but a few weeks ago without training for it I ran 10 miles with them. It was a bit painful towards the end but I was so proud of myself. I plan to go again this week if I can get rid of my sore throat and congestion.

6. I'm signed up for the Myrtle Beath 1/2 marathon in March and Mr. Pilot and I are planning on signing up soon for the Disney World Star Wars 1/2 marathon in April. Stay tuned for more news on that one!

7. I just recently joined an Arts and Craft Group on MeetUp. I was suppose to go to the first event Monday night but I had a wicked time flying back from NY Monday. I could have driven the distance in the time it took to fly. Needless to say I didn't get back in time to get to the MeetUp but I can't wait for the next one!

Stay tuned for more projects and adventures...

Pottery Christmas Gifts and More...

I went back to Madd Platter in early Nov. to create a travel mug for my dad for Christmas. His mug turned out really well. I tried to make it about nature and animals since. I got to practice with foreground, middle ground and background which went well. I just hope the main color was manly enough so that he will use it. While making it I saw the "horny mug" on the shelf and thought of my friend Libby. :) This was perhaps one of the most difficult paint jobs due to the fact I decided to use stripes.  I use painters tape but it still left uneven lines with white spaces in between the stripes.  It was challenging to do 3 coats of each color while not hitting the others. It took forever but the results was pretty good.  My niece and nephew loved the mug.  Of course I wouldn't let them read the inspection on the bottom nor will I show you the viewer. It's a private comment between my friend and I. :)

I continued to think of gifts I could make and saw the ornaments.  I knew on my trip back home to Western NY for Thanksgiving I was going to see a couple ofmy Naz peeps and wanted to give them a little something. So I created these ornaments. I later designed an inspirational notepad with one of my images on it for another Naz peep who was in ned of some inspiration. I made that through York photo where I made my Christmas Cards this year.  I them realized I had to get a gift for one of the referral sites I work with at my new job for stupid gift exchange they do each year. I went back on York photo with a 40% coupon and used my images and created some designs and had a mug made for around $11.

I forgot to take a pic of the ornaments after they were fired and I gave them away this weekend.

work gift.

dad's travel mug

the horny mug!!

Inspirational Sketchbook Completed

Early November I completed the last few pages in my sketchbook for a year project.  I started it last Dec. over the holiday breaks. Once I finished the last few pages in the book I went back through and looked over what I had created over the past year. It never ceases to amaze me how a project like this can result in a visual representation of my life over the past year.

While at times during my life I wish I had different strengths like a technical mind, a majority of the time I'm so grateful for my creative mind.  It has not only helped me to create things for others but it's helped me to express myself and work through my feelings in ways I'm not able to verbally communicate.  Also, I turn believe it's helped me to learn skills and values such as being resourceful, creating awesome things while on a budget, and appreciating what I have.