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Monday, April 18, 2011

Artistic, Cheap and Functional

I wanted to create a base to hold two individual coat hooks for my office and went googling shopping for cool designs. I found this awesome group called "The Crosbie" on Esty. It originated with 3 graphic designers who use a piece of wood, neat looking coat hooks and screen printing to make these awesome fun yet functional coat racks. They also make many other cool products; key hooks, necklace holders, etc...

I don't know how to screen print and was very tempted to head to the art store to buy the supplies necessary to screen print, but fought the urge and utilized my own skills to create my version. I still have to screw down the coat hooks but I like the outcome. It was easy and fun, but I'd still like to try screen printing another time.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tick Tock what a clock

I created this clock as a sample for an art therapy exercise I used with HIV affected children/teens quite a few years ago. It was a group of all males who loved creating and making things. The premise was that they each built a clock from scratch and what they painted on the clock had to do with representing their culture/family of origin. Mine was a based on a melting melt.

This clock then got placed in various spaces over the year. An office, our kitchen and then sitting on top of a book shelf for a couple of years since I moved. I've been searching for a decent clock for my work office for about a year now. The one that came with my office even with a new battery had a life of it's own and jumped the time continuum daily. Then I attempted to order one from Office Services department and they thought they were being helpful by giving me one that was given to them for's a huge classroom size clock and for lack of something better I've been using it, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. So, I've taken matters into my own hands and decided that while my clock from years ago is pretty neat looking it doesn't really look professional enough for work.

Below is my effort to give the clock a face lift. It was an interesting process where nothing worked out according to plan. First I painted over existing image with a solid metallic burnish red color, then I put a coat of crackle clear paint on, and then a coat of black paint topped with a satin varnish. Let's just leave it as the mixing of all of these elements made an interesting end product.




Can you believe it... I waited for half a day yesterday before they posted the winner of the Mary Lou Panter Scholarship and I checked my phone and had a long distance message and....I was robbed! The long distance message was from Rite Aid and the winner when finally posted was for a Gail from NYC. Totally NOT ME! What a bummer!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Creativity and Madness

I entered to WIN an all expense paid trip to the Creativity and Madness Conference in Santa Fe, NM this August. This foundation is pretty darn neat! They have conferences that you can go to all over the world and the idea is always around the concept of creativity and madness. Is there a connection between being artistic and being mentally ill? hmmmm...what do you think?

By the way, I got my essay in way early and had two double proof reads and so I'm pretty optimistic that of all of the essays mine will be picked as the WINNER!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh the things I can think UP

When I purchased our new living set (of off craigslist of course), it came with an ottoman. I replaced our traditional coffee table with the ottoman but then had to think of a way to have a place to put stuff on like drinks, plates, etc... So this is what I came up.

I found a shadow box about 16x16 at Michael's Craft store and took some old fashion tiles (left over from our bathroom renovations) to make this impromptu tray. I painted the tray first then used tile adhesive to adhere the tiles down and when dry I grouted. Looks good, it's useful and the entire project using left over materials cost about 10 bucks.

**super secret shopping tip for thrifty shoppers: go to and print out a coupon (every week you can print a new one for 40% one item). You can use this coupon not only at AC Moore but Michael's Craft Store. They kind of give you a dirty look when you use it but they have to accept it. Great way to save money on the more expensive items.

Art Creating and Mimosas

I did end up going to the art therapy get together. It was a bunch of people enjoying art and creating 6x6 art pieces to enter in the 6x6x2011 art exhibit. It was held at Arbor Arts a studio/counseling center. The atmosphere is pretty neat and kudos for the founders in daring to open the center.

I had a good time with lots of new fun art materials provided. Plus it helped that they had an awesome array of breakfast food and mimosa's present!

Here is my second piece that I created.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For many years I've enjoyed re-working salvaged furniture. I hate throwing away anything that is made of real wood. Here is a piece I found down my street on the night before garbage pick up. I didn't take any before pictures but believe was hideous.

Check out this link to see find some neat ideas on reusing salvaged furniture to decorate/use:

Monday, April 4, 2011

6x6x2011 Community Art Project

Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery began this fund raising initiative about 4 years ago.
Check out the link on this awesome art idea which began with the Rochester Community but has spread global.

Here's my contribution this year. Plus I'm forcing myself to go to an art therapy collective gathering this weekend to create some more submissions. I think this will be a good opportunity for me to create and socialize with other art therapist. I struggled at first with making the commitment to go since I had already completed a piece, but then someone mentioned having mimosa's present! YUMMY!

#3 in a series of 3

#2 in a series of 3

#1 in a series of 3

Back to the Basics

It's been a stressful work year. Lots of changes, transitions and adjustments- get the drift.

Even though I'm an art therapist, finding time to create has always been a struggle. Instead of feeling the urge to create like some therapist do after a long day of listening to others, I'm just lucky to get some exercising in, clean up after dinner, shower, and relax reading a good book or watching the entire 5 seasons of Angel. You could say my motivation to create artwork has been stilted by a total lack of energy and creative juices, yet I know that if I forced myself to create I'd really enjoy myself and feel rejuvenated.

Over spring recess and inspired my friend and fellow art therapist who get's together 1x a week with another art therapist to simply test out new art materials and create, I embarked on an adventure to create. I'm also making it my mission to put forth the effort even when I don't feel like it to create.

I will post my creation outcomes in order of creations. I will state from the beginning that I don't consider myself as an artist at all. For me my relationship with art as moved beyond technical to learning to simply enjoy just experimenting and creating- therefore Back to the Basics.
So what do you do when you are tired of a car that has been a lemon, you have spring fever, works been a struggle and you finally have money in your savings?

You randomly choose to sell "lemon" car and spend your savings on a hot new yet used car. or at least that's what I did. And all in one week. Pretty impressive!

Check out my 2008 Toyota Yaris. please, please let it be a good car not a money pit. fingers crossed.