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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 2: London

I've decided the British accent is lovely and here are a few of the words I'm enjoying. As you read this post be sure to read it with a British accent. :)  Dreadful, brilliant, splendid, loo, lovely and willy nilly.

Last night I went to dinner and then on river cruise on the Thames.  I met two sisters traveling together and a couple from California who have a pet iguana that is 4ft. long courteous of their son who found it in the road.  We all thought we were on the same tour until we realized that we were all on a slightly different tour.  At dinner my only option was a cheese goat and beetroot salad since I don't like fish or beef. was interesting. Goat cheese is quite strong. Let's just say I preferred the dessert which was a chocolate fudge sponge cake! yummy!  I think I paid for testing out the dinner last night. I was sick for about half of today and this allowed me to spend time visiting some different style loos. However it didn't stop me from touring around today.

My morning started at 6:30am with a huge buffet breakfast. They serve beans and cold cuts and cheese with breakfast here. I had a mini Belgian waffle piled with whip cream only to find out when I took my first fork full that it was not whip cream!!! It was a mix of pudding/sour cream! How dreadful!

As I've been told multiple times we have "chosen well" with the dates to come to London. They have experienced quite dreadful weather until just recently. It has been beautiful between 75-80 and sunny with a nice breeze.I took a tour around the city of London today with highlights being St. Paul's Cathedral and watching the changing of the guards. This afternoon we took a splendid drive through the country to Windsor Castle and the Queen was in residence, but no I didn't get a glimpse of her.  I ended the afternoon with a scoop of chocolate gelato. I'm heading to dinner at a pub and then having an early night as tomorrow is sure to be a very busy yet brilliant day. It begins at 5:15am!! That is going to hurt!

Stay tuned...

St. Paul's Cathedral

Changing of the guards. I spotted this little boy standing near the guards. A guard in training???

Windsor Castle. The Queen was in but I didn't get a glimpse of her.

Me heading into the Tardis!!!

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