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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Boulder Climbing, Charleston, Art Making and 5K races...

Here's some new adventures I've been up to this summer:

1.  Boulder Climbing at the Red Barn at RIT;  My friend has been going and invited me. I've done rock climbing before but didn't realize how different boulder climbing is. It was really fun but difficult. Supposedly no matter how short or tall you are anyone can do any of the levels with practice and strength training; however I will say being on the short end kind of sucks and makes it really difficult to make some of the manuvers. I literally had to take a leap of faith and blind jump at times. Falling doesn't feel the best and my arms were so sore it hurt to move them for 3 to 4 days after climbing.  I will go back I love a challenge!

2. Lovin' In Cup; My friend and I went to see a couple of funk bands at this restaurant bar in our area.  I will plead ignorance as funk music wasn't what I was expecting. This was okay though as I was out to check out something new that I didn't no much about and that is what I got.  Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the NYC based band that played the main show. They were really awesome. Their sound was a mix of blues and jazz but upbeat, fast, and the singer was awesome. (Her voice kind of reminded of us Christina Aguilera.)

3. I had another amazing two week vacation with my sister, nephew and brother-in-law at their home in SC.  As always it goes way to fast.  We went for a weekend trip to the beach and downtown Charleston and had a blast.  My nephew loves the beach and created his own aquarium in his bucket with the gross living things he found- giant slug like things, starfish, shells, and other gross things.  We ate at a great restaurant that was made in an old church, checked out market (and taste tested some southern food), and I took my nephew on a carriage ride around old town Charleston. We even happened to see a regatta going on one evening.

4. The Race 4 Music hosted by Music4Everyone 5k fundraiser race;  I was surfing living social deals about a month ago and found a deal on running this race. When I looked on their website I realized that I knew the founder and his wife (the secretary). Long story short they were friends of friends a while back and we would all hang out.  I didn't even know that they had started this organization but I believe it's a great cause and wanted to take part in it so I registered for the race.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I typically run about 2 miles 4-6 x's a week and even though this summer I've kicked it up a notch I was still a little worried I would't be able to the run. I had a friend that kindly joined in and ran with me.  It ended up being a beautiful perfect morning/day in Rochester and it was a beautiful place to run (Genesee Valley Park). I made it and with a time of 27.15- not to shabby!  Only 3 more races to go this summer/fall!

5.  Altered Book Class at The Brainery; This organization is fairly new and is an awesome concept. Anyone in the community can teach a class. If you feel you have the knowledge you make a submission to present a class at The Brainery.  As soon as I saw this workshop I had to sign up.  One of the teachers taught an Altered Book Class at the college I work at. I had wanted to audit the week long intensive class this summer but unfortunately had to pick up a summer job and the time conflicted. Sooo I was uber excited to see her teaching this class and even more excited that she and Judy (the co-teacher) hope to continue this series in the future.  I will write a separate blog describing what I learned in the class, what we made, and what I've continued to make.  My plans are to learn more about Altered Book making to pilot a once a month year long group at the Counseling Center this coming academic year. I've done a couple of Altered Books as journals before, took a couple of AT Altered Book classes online, used this style in my art therapy groups one semester last year and basically I am trying to continue to absorb this technique to create the best workshop I can this year. I'll keep you posted on how it rolls out.

***Stay tuned... I have an awesome art based event I'm participating in next week that I will blog separately about.

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