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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Altered Book Projects: Recycle, Reuse, Relove

I started this altered book in the Altered Book class I took at The Brainery a couple of weeks ago.  Another person at the workshop gave me this book (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) because I didn't know what "decorative end covers" meant so the books I brought were boring. Apparently decorative end covers means the inside of the front and back cover are cool looking.  

In this first class (of what I hope will be a series) we learned basic folding techniques. I completely experimented with this book. Later I added the paper roses I had created and colored. In addition I ended the page folding on a picture of the hunchback being carried off in chains. Around the edges in black ink I wrote words/sentences questioning what beauty is and means.  I also added a brown tag that I colored and block stamped the words "What is Beauty" (it's hard to see in the picture).

Perhaps my favorite part of this book is that I experimented with cutting and putting in secret drawers. We hadn't learned this yet but it was described to me by another person at the workshop.  I bought a good box cutter which was also recommended and went to town.  Loved the final outcome!

My plan is to put this on a stand in the waiting room of our Wellness Center. I think it would be an interesting piece of work to display there.

Here's another folding technique we learned in the workshop. This is very simple and easy. Meditative even. I added patina by rubbing stamp ink pads on the flowers.  I still have to create some leaves, but my dad found this old barn lumber for me. I will cut it to the size I'm looking for. I had been given an awesome old book to use to cover the lumber but I'm not sure it is going to work because it is very old and brittle and the spine broke the covers apart just opening the book up. So I may still be on the look out for the right book cover.  The very last picture will show you the basic end product.

In the back on the table is the general look I'm going for though it will have my own twist.

**Update: Here's my finished flower piece!

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