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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Fun!

In the previous post I mentioned all of the non fun things I've been doing this summer. Here some of the fun experiences I've been having:

1. A trip with family to visit family in SC. Who doesn't like lazy days of mini golf, spending time at the lake, having plenty of water balloon fights, great food, and family fun!

2. While visiting my parents in the Southern Tier of NY the community celebrated their first Celtic Festival full of Irish food, drinks, craft vendors, irish dancing and music, and celtic games.

3. Party in the Park- which the City of Rochester and other sponsors put on weekly during the summer month. They have different music performers each week and food and drinks for purchase. This is a fun event that only cost $2! I went to the opening show of the season and saw Blues Traveler. They were awesome!

4. First Friday's- Which anyone who has read my blog knows that I'm totally into. You get free food, beverages and all of the art inspiration you need. This time around I made a special effort to get to ROCO's 6x6 show to try and see my artwork up, which one I purchased this year, and pick out some of my friends pieces.‎  and
The cool thing is that the piece I purchased was on the same wall as the mine. During opening day of the exhibit 3 out of 4 of my pieces sold. Whoooooo... as of 6/29/30 I noticed that all 4 of my pieces sold!

You can't see it well, but the piece I purchased is the 3rd in on the left side first full row that can be seen.  My 4 pieces are in the 2nd to last row starting at 3rd in from the left.

5.  I saw a Groupon a few weeks ago for Hoopnotica exercise classes. It was 3 classes for $10, so I thought why not try it. Other than feeling like an idiot trying to exercise through hoola hooping what do I have to lose.  I'll be taking my 3rd Beginners class tomorrow. It's great! It's difficult because there is actually a right and wrong way to hoola hoop and of course I was doing it wrong. It's also challenging, a full body work out, and pretty darn fun.  So if you are looking for some fun exercise and want to try something new I'd say check this new wave of exercising out.

**Stay tuned as I have a bunch more new fun adventures planned for this summer! 
***Goal for today: Everyone should try something new! Get out of your comfort zone!

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