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Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Flower Log

I was surfing Pinterest one lazy Sunday morning a few weeks ago and saw this image:

I knew right away that I wanted to have something like this.  However, I live in a city so unless I want to illegal cut down a tree this would be difficult to do. So, I sought out the help of my dad and within a day he had found a log for me. It helps that he lives in the country where fallen trees are all over.  

Here's how he replicated this picture for me.  He used a chainsaw to make the initial cuts in the log then used a large crowbar, hammer and chisel to chisel out the inside of the log. He said it was tough work and it took him about an hour to do.

My parents brought up this beautiful gift to me on Father's Day so I thanked him by actually cooking a real meal for them (which if you knew me would know that I don't cook pretty much ever) followed up by ice cream at Netsins. (It's dangerous having an ice cream shop a block away from your house!)

Here's some pictures of the finished project. As you can see I keep collecting more plants to put inside. They are perrenials. I have some more perennials in baskets that I will put in this fall. It would also look more colorful and full if I put some annuals in it. I've just been to lazy. (If I ever do I'll update the pics) My flowers don't look as full as the above picture but I expect by next summer it will as the flowers will fill out.  It would help if the over populated rabbits didn't eat the flowers off of the one plant!

Updated pics 7/11/13- added some yellow perennials a friend gave me and despite my saying I wasn't going to pay for anymore flowers this season I saw a couple of annuals for sale at HD for $1 each and purchased two of them to brighten up the log.

Updated 7/11/13

**Random fact of the day: Did you know 7/11 stores give away free slurpies every July 11th (7/11)? 

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