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Friday, July 26, 2013


Serendipity means finding luck in unexpected places.   A couple of weeks ago while turning in my fundraising money for the 5k race I noticed that Angels of Mercy, Inc. had been redoing their office/business space.  On one large wall there was a large mied media art piece and then 2 pieces on each side of the larger piece.  I recognized the style of the artwork and therefore the artisit. I asked the founder of Angels of Mercy, Inc. who the artist was (to confirm my suspciions) and asked how they acquired the pieces.

I was told the artist is Marlene Caroselli and Mary Jo and Josephone had met her, enjoyed her work and she volunteered to create some artwork for the space. Now how did I recognize this artist you may be asking yourself?  Well it is the artist who's artwork I purchased at the 6x6 exhibit this year! How crazy is that! After viewing over 5,000 pieces of artwork I chose Marlene's and then I happened to come across her artwork at Angels of Mercy when I happend to stop in one day. Now that's serendipity.

Perhaps one step better is that Mary Jo provided me with Marlene's contact information and encouraged me to call her.  I tried twice and then left a message. Marlene left one back commenting how much she appreciated my phone call and it had made her day. She said she didn't consider herself an artist but had been a teacher for many years. She has a studio in her home and enjoys creating.  She wanted to send me a little token for appreciating her artwork and calling her.

A few days later we connected by phone and I provided her with my address. In the mail a few days after was an 8x10 piece of her signature artwork. I'm planning on framing it and hanging it in my office at work.

Above is my 6x6 piece now hung with the others and below is a picture of the piece she mailed me.  Marlene also stated that she was going to host a luncheon with some artist friends this summer and wanted to invite me when it is planned. How amazing is that! :)

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