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Friday, July 26, 2013

Repurpose that Old China

Last weekend my mom was visiting and while we had some plans (like the market and a comedy show) we had a leisure day and found ourselves stopping at yard sales on the way to our destinations.  At one yard sale a young couple had tables full of different patterned china from bowls, to cups, saucers, plates,  and so on.  I vaguely remember seeing some pictures on Pinterest where old china was used to created interesting pieces of outdoor art.  I had an idea and went with it.

For $3, I purchased 2 candlesticks, a plate, a bowl, and a cup and saucer all mismatched.  Later that evening I created the server. I figure I could use it for desserts, chips and dip, veggie and dip tray or other things.  It came out pretty cool and for now I have it on my dining room table in the center as a center piece.  I make some interesting dessert pieces out of clay or sculpy clay in the future to keep on it when it's not in use.  With the cup and saucer I glued them together and planted a couple of easylow maintenance   plants in it. I thought it will go with my other creative plant pieces I plan on putting on my work window sill this fall.

In case you want to create your own and want to know what material I used it was E6000 as the adhesive and sand paper. Lightly sand the areas on each piece that will be adhered to another piece and then place E6000 on each piece. Let sit for 24 hours and then it should be ready for use.

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