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Friday, July 12, 2013

Food and Art...Oh Boy!

I recently saw a meetup group for this get together organized by Thirst 4 Art; .  I decided this was an event on I wanted to attend. Not only had I never been to Napa Wood Fired Pizzeria ( ), but I wanted to do something new with art and in a social situation.  I wasn't sure what to expect but the venue had an awesome atmosphere and great food (though the wine was outrageously expensive) and the art making was fun!  I met a couple of new people (primarily the two owners of Thirst 4 Art) and they are great peeps.  While other people there were nice most had come together and knew each other so they didn't really talk to anyone else much. The biggest bummer was that no one from the actual meetup group showed up.

Anyway the instructor had inherited a bunch of records from her grandmother and didn't know what to do with them since she didn't have a record player. She started painting on the records, giving them as gifts, and selling them to gift shops.  While reconnecting with her HS friend and after some wine drinking these to artsy women brainstormed up the idea that eventually became Thirst 4 Art.  These two wonderful and creative ladies go around to different venues and shops (like coffee shops, pizzerias, gift stores, homes etc...) and have a theme of one image per that event and Aimee provides step by step instruction of how to replicate that image on your own record.  Each event has a different art image theme.  While you are creating you can enjoy coffee, food, dessert, wine, and so on and don't get to hopefully meet new people.

When we were all finished we took a group picture with our records and it was neat to see everyone's own interpretation of the same image. We brought our pieces outside to receive a polyurethane finish, helped with a light clean up, chatted some more and then headed out.

Thirst 4 Art also caters for other events such as bachelorette parties, baby showers, or just a fun get together at your house with friends or you can have it hosted at a venue that Thirst 4 Art is connected to.  This was a fair priced art making event that allowed me to take part in my community ($35 for art + what you spend on food & drinks) and was a great way to spend a beautiful summer evening. I would highly recommend checking out their website for more information on an event near you.

Hmmm..... I still have a few records left over from my record bowl project last year. I feel my wheels spinning with ideas of painting on records someday in the near future.

See the yummy homemade tomato basil soup and amazing homemade hummus and break sticks. My both is watering just writing about them. ;) is this going to turn into something aesthetically pleasing...

Finished masterpiece! I'm thinking I may hang it on my door at work. We'll see. I'll update with a pic of where it ends up.

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