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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another Successful Trash to Treasure Transformation

I had a co-worker who had recently started a new chapter in her life and needed some furniture. While driving one day I found this great piece of furniture out on the curb for the garbage. After stopping and checking it over I threw it in my car and brought it home where it sat in the basement for 2.5 months. My co-workers style leans towards vintage chic and other than picking up some Martha Stewart vintage chic paint sampler at Home Depot I wasn't sure where to go with this piece.

I started with sanding it, painting it off white and using the grey purple vintage chic paint as the top coat. I then attempted to use a modge podge transfer technique (as seen in this blog entry: to put one of her favorite quotes on the top of the table. This wasn't successful so I painted over, sanded, sanded some more, and painted some more until I was back to the original painted color. The table then sat for another 3 weeks lacking inspiration. I shot daggers at it every time I went into the basement. I then decided to get down to business and searched the internet for some ideas and came back to one of tables I refinished over a year ago that my sister stole because she liked the outcome so much.

With this new idea in my head I spent 3 hours one evening chemically stripping the top of the table until it was it's very original non varnished wood but purposely kept it with the worn look instead of sanding it until it was brand new looking. I then tinted some burnt sienna paint, watered it down and using a rag wiped it all over the painted portion of the end table. I took sand paper and scratched the heck out of the table where it was painted. And finished by using a top coat of polyurethane all over the entire piece.

I brought it to work a couple of days later and snuck it in her office leaving it there with a card saying Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.  She seems to love it or at least that's what she tells me! ;)

**I forgot to take an original picture but it was that 70's look with a very dark varnished wood look.

Stayed like this for 3 weeks.




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