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Friday, December 7, 2012

Interactive Artwork Update

                                                                  First frame all filled up!

I created this inspirational quote project for work in Sept. 2011. You can view the original post here: It was hanging in our counseling center requesting students and/or anyone to post quotes. For the one year while it was up it was minimally successful. This past fall we joined spaces with Health Services to become a Student Wellness Center and we now have a common waiting room. I put this project out in the waiting room on a stand this time on the top of a book shelf.  Within days the frame started to fill up with quotes. It became so full that I had to create a larger frame with yarn and add more clips. I've had to refill the paper for the quotes two more times this semester.  The new frame quickly filled up and I had to make a  decision on what to do next.  With the help of our Office Manager we decided to post a sign above the project giving permission for anyone to take a quote if they need some positivity on any given day. At one point we had about 33 quotes on the board and now it has decreased some so we believe people are taking the quotes.  This has been a pretty awesome project to watch grow and evolve. It will be interesting to continue to watch and see what happens next.

Bigger frame that started with 33 quotes on it and is now down to 26.

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