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Monday, December 10, 2012

Knitted Hat Craze Continued...

Here are some hats I knitted for Christmas gifts. The first two are baby hats for my colleagues daughter who is 8months old. The last one is a hat I made to give my friends "little sister" for Christmas. Since I helped her make a hat for her mom I decided to make her a hat. I even followed the directions for once and figured out how to make an actual rim and tie it off differently. This way was easier and looks better. What do you think?

Update 12/19/12:  My friend said her "little sister Destiny" loved the hat, especially that I had mentioned it was one of the best I had made yet.

I went to my friend Megan's house last night and gave her daughters their Christmas gifts. Baby M. wasn't quite sure what to think about being squashed into her new hats. Shown below with permission from my friend.

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