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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Hurricane Sandy Arts & Crafts Sale

At the college I work for an announcement went out a week ago asking for any faculty, students, or staff who are creative to create handmade art and crafts to be donated for an arts and craft fundraiser in which all proceeds will go to the NYC Mayor's Fund which is specifically for supporting humanitarian efforts related to Hurricane Sandy. This was tough because you had one week to create what you wanted to donate. However;  me being me, I decided to take on that challenge and set out over the next four days to create create create.  

I made two sets of 8 original design inspiration card sets and three record bowls. Then a co-worker of mine mentioned finding 20 clear plastic ornaments in her attic that she didn't know what to with. I asked if she'd like to create some colorful ornaments over our lunch time to sell in the fundraiser and she said yes!  We both brought in our paints and materials and spent the next 3 days worth of lunches painting, decorating and packaging our creations.  We poured paint on the inside of the ornaments and tipped over onto dixie cups to dry out. Then we decorated the tops with ribbons and decorative materials and packaged them 4 to a pack.  We sent a student worker over to the arts center with our donations and by the end of the day I had a lead art professor asking if they could raise the prices on our donations because she was sure they would sell. She mentioned she was already going to buy a record bowl and set of ornaments! 

So I'll have to keep you posted on if all of our creations sell and how much we end up raising. For now here are some pics of what we donated.

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  1. The sale made $600! My co-worker and I sold most of our goods. We had a record bowl, set of cards, and one set of ornaments unsold. I think we made them $65 out of our sales. Of course I also bought a couple of items for $20!