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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Purple Quilt

So here's the story of how I came to make a purple quilt.  My co-worker brought her 4 y/o into the office one day and I helped to keep her busy by having her decorate some raffle bags for an event for me. While we were coloring we had a conversation about why she refused to sleep in her bed and instead wandered into her mom and dad's room. This inevitably left my co-worker with her husband, 4 y/o, two dogs and baby all in one room and my co-worker pushed out to her 4 y/o's bed.  When asked why she doesn't sleep in her own bed her reply was, "Cause my blanket is brown." With clarifying questions I figured out her bedspread was pink and brown. When asked what it would take for her to sleep in her own bed she replied, "A purple blanket." Hence the creation of the purple blanket.

I've spent about 5-6 weeks collecting purplish fabrics, cutting the squares, sewing them together, sewing the flannel for the middle and the purple fabric for the back. Then I went to my Aunt's house over Thanksgiving and she helped me to use the stretching boards and tie the quilt. I finished with hand sewing the border.

I'll be going over for dinner sometime before Christmas. We'll see what she thinks when I give to her. My guess is she'll like it but be disappointed it wasn't an awesome toy! After all what 4 y/o wants a quit for a gift. :) I know I wouldn't!

Update 12/19/12: I gave Grace here Christmas present (the purple quilt) last night. She actually was very excited! I even received a text from my friend that Grace was fast a sleep under her new bedspread last night. ;) Wish permission from my friend here is the picture of Grace and her purple quilt.


  1. OH I wouldn't underestimate her reaction at all! You've got some super cute stuff that has pictures in there too, so she'll have stuff to point out to you - I'm sure you won't hear the end of it!!

  2. Thank you for the positivity! My co-worker did just mention that her daughter brought up the "purple quilt Casey is making her" this weekend. And my co-worker is considering picking up purple sheets for her daughter for Christmas so she may like the surprise. :) I'll keep you posted.