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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Magic of Modge Podge: Transfer Images using Modge Podge

I saw an image on wood on pinterest and it briefly mentioned; use modge podge to transfer images from a photo copy.  I'm also interested in finding easy non expensive ways to transfer images/words for projects so I checked it out. Of course there was no link so I did a google search and found this helpful tutorial;

I immediately knew what I wanted to try this out on. I had a finished piece of bare wood I picked up at Craft Bits and Pieces for 1.00 a while ago. At the same time I had a co-worker begging me to make her one of my unique coat racks for her office for her birthday coming up in September.  Tada! and I was off!

I printed out 4 black and white images I found online. I printed them on regular copy/printer paper. Sized them and placed them where I wanted on the plaque/board and then covered each image with podge modge and put them face down on the wood. I smoothed them with my hand and a spatula (since I don't have a rolling pin) and let it sit over night.  In the morning I wet a sponge and dampened the paper, started gently rubbing the paper away, applied more water, rubbed some more, and repeated until all of the paper was gone. Whala! It worked! And pretty good too. I think I rubbed a little to much or hard in some spots as some of the ink rubbed away but for the most part it all stayed on and affixed to the wood.

To finish up the project I used some of my living room paint (alligator tears) which I think will match her office decor and painted the back, edges, and rubbed a little on the edges of the front where the images were (to cover up some of the ink that I had rubbed off).  I found 3 vintage coat rack hooks from my house and recycled them for this project by spray painting them black. Drilled some holes and added some screws and all done. The entire project was made for a DOLLAR!

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