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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIY Reupholstered Old Wooden Vanity Seat

I received this old wooden vanity bench when my grandmother was placed in an assisted living home. I remember when she had it reupholstered years and years ago. While it looked nice I never liked the pattern and color of the material. I reupholstered it when I got it and it stayed like that for about 7-8 years. I decided to change my desk chair out from an old piano chair (with no cushioning) to this bench but I needed a change on the fabric as it didn't go with the new space.

I purchased this awesome fabric at Craft Bits & Pieces for $3 and wasn't sure what I was going to do with it so I just kept it around. I pulled it out and decided it would work well for this project.  The steps are pretty easy on a project like this.

1. Unscrew the seat portion from the base.
2. Take off old upholstery. I left the main fabric on because it's sturdy and adds cushioning.
3. Measure your new fabric and fold around the seat onto the back leaving at least 1" extra on each side.
4. Use a heavy duty staple gun and staple one side. Do the opposite side and pull tight. Repeat on shorter sides. Make sure fabric is pulled tight.
5. Screw the seat and base back together.
6. Enjoy!

Total time from start to finish: 10 min.

My first reupholster job.

The original seat to the bench pulled apart from base to begin.

Tools needed. Plus a pair of scissors and your new fabric.

Finished product. Please ignore the messy desk. Needs a cleaning.

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