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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The World of Legos

My nephew asked for and received numerous sets of legos for Christmas.  From Star Wars to Vampire Castles we built and built and built during my visit.  My brother-in-law with minimal assistance from my 5 y/o nephew built the Vampire Castle. It was 1,000 pieces and took him most of Christmas Day. While watching him put it together I thought, "No way would I be able to do that nor would I want to".

The following day I found myself on the living room floor putting together a 300 piece Star Wars set on the request of my nephew. Help from him equaled 0.  I found he enjoyed the final product more so than putting it together. Who can blame him, don't we all!  As it turned out I quickly became addicted to building these lego creations. Perhaps it was because as a girl we never received or played with legos unless we were around boys who had legos or perhaps because it spoke to the part of my brain that likes structure, creativity and organization so following the steps from the 100 page manual was right up my alley. Either way I found myself fascinated with the process and little parts that when put together correctly created catapults, secret compartments, swinging doors and so much more.

I think I put three different sets together and by the last one my nephew had become really adept at looking at the directions, helping me find the pieces and putting it together. He did half of an entire spaceship all by himself!

I think I missed my calling. Isn't there a job somewhere were someone has to try and read the manuals and put the legos together (a tester of some sort before they go on the market)? How do I get this job?  :)

This is the Vampire Castle my brother-in-law built.

**I made one more Star Wars spaceship thing the last night of my visit but didn't take any pics. 

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