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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Quirky Monster Tree

So what do you do when your bored and want to procrastinate doing the things you need to do? Perhaps, if your like me you create a Monster Tree.  I know it's a bit lame but I purchased an itsy bisty potted pine tree for Christmas this year. Pretty much because it was a lot of work to set up an actual tree for only me to enjoy.  I also thought this went with being more "green" because I'm not participating in killing a tree but instead I'm supporting the growth of a tree....that's if I can keep it alive until spring when I can transplanted onto my parents land.  The problem became what would I do with it after Christmas- just leave it sitting around in my house. BORING! Then I thought I would decorate it for different holidays like Valentine's Day, Saint Patty's Day or by seasons (winter and spring).  Since I don't really support or recognize Valentine's Day (I choose to let everyone I love know any day of the year not just on a hallmark greeting card day) I opted out of that idea. And winter was out because I don't really like winter other than celebrating Christmas and New Year's.

Some how the idea of creating little monsters out of random objects popped into my brain one night and I woke up and ran with it.  I created 6 little monsters so far for the tree. Of course I realized by the end that they weren't really scary just more funny and quirky. Hey...monsters don't always have to be scary!  I originally wanted to use a baking clay but the challenge for this project was creating monsters that wouldn't be to heavy for the itsy bitsy tree to hold. I ended up using all found objects and materials that were around my house. In addition to the 6 monsters I created a monster for the top of the tree and garland.

I was trying to figure out what kind of garland I wanted when I remember my grandmother teaching my sister and I how to crochet when we were little and would sleep over at her house. I never was able to catch on about how to create additional rows after the first so I would just make one really long strand/row and I would bring it home announcing to my mom that it would be our garland for our Christmas tree that year.  For sentimental reasons (my grandmother is dying of cancer as I write this) I pulled out a crochet needle and some yarn and tried to remember if I could crochet. To my surprise I immediately could and went on to create my one strand/row of garland to add to my Monster Tree! Maybe someday I'll take a YouTube tutorial and finally figure out how to make more than one row.

So if anyone is bored and wants to create a monster and send it my way for my tree I'm more than happy to accept some quirky monsters...

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