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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Snuggles Project

I decided for my January donation/charity project to knit some blankets for cats and dogs who are living in shelters. Online I found this charity called; The Snuggles Project.  One of the main goals of this project is to to provide a security blanket to animals who may be in a animal shelter and frightened. The blanket helps provide a calming effect for the animal and can also be a transitional object for the animal when it is adopted and adjusting to a new home environment.

I asked around work for anyone who may have some extra yarn they would be willing to donate for this project. Our wonderful nurse Chris provided me with a entire bag full of soft luxurious yarn she had left over from a quilting project. I am very appreciative to her for donating the material!  I was able to create eight small snuggle blankets. They took maybe an hour each to create and I did most of them on my lunch break or while watching Christmas movies. I tested out how well animals may receive the blankets by making one for my parents dog whom they adopted just about one year ago from a shelter. As you can see from her picture she has embraced the snuggle blanket.  I believe whole heartedly in adoption of any kind. Seeing this wonderful loving dog when I visit my parents just confirms my beliefs.  She doesn't even bark (at all) which is my kind of dog! My family has lovingly nicknamed her "Fatty Patty" because the vet says she overweight. The only problem with this nickname is that my mother's name is also Patricia and is often called Patty! Thankfully my mother isn't overweight and shouldn't get a complex hearing us saying "Fatty Patty" all of the time. ;)

I looked on the Snuggles Project site to find out where to donate the blankets to. As it turns out there are many shelters in my own area that have signed on to accept snuggles. I wanted to donate them to the Verona Street Animal Shelter;  downtown because I know they don't have as much funding resources as Lollypop Farms, but they weren't on the list as accepting the blankets. In the end I've decided to donate them to Lollypop Farms as they receive and shelter a ton of animals and I'm sure could always use the blankets. Check out their site at; and don't forget adoption benefits everyone! I may even inquire into if they have any hedgehogs up for adoption when I drop the blankets off this week.

"Fatty Patty" sleeping.

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