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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Adventures

1.  I purchased a Groupon for Indoor Rock Climbing a couple of months ago. I eventually found a partner in crime that was willing to try it out with me. My friend Marcy and I went for the first time to Rock Ventures;  For $12 each we received all necessary equipment and were taught how to climb including the commands (which I think I've forgotten half of them already-oops).

What we didn't know is that we would each be given a 15 min. lesson on how to belay. Then we would be considered certified and would be able to off on our own in the building and rock climb. I had brought my camera expecting us to take pictures of each other climbing but this did not happen as the person not climbing was the belayer and no way was that person going to take pictures while they held your life in their hands (literally).

Anyway, this required a lot of trust in each other and we did pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised at by my own strength (I mean I know I'm Wonder Woman but I did things I didn't think I would be able to).  I climbed to the top of 3-4 different rock walls that were different levels of difficulty. I scaled walls that jutted out requiring me to leap up with only one hand secured in a spot and I didn't fall. Perhaps most importantly though is that I didn't drop or injure my friend while be the belayer! We both appreciated that!

2. While at the South Carolina zoo;, over Christmas they had a couple of critters out that you could could touch. While my nephew bee lined it to the snake (yuck!) while I headed toward the baby hedgehog. I've seen very cute pictures on Pinterest of hedgehogs but have never seen one in person.  Boy they are really cute and small. The one I handled was called Pins and it's sibling that wasn't present was called Needles. (get it- pins and needles/hedgehogs- hee,hee).

Anyone know anything about hedgehogs? Can you purchase them as pets? I was thinking this might be an actual commitment I can make to having a pet. I know they are nocturnal so I wouldn't have to worry about a pet being lonely since I work a lot. I know their poo looks like rabbit poo so I think I can handle that. Not sure what they live in though (cage of some sort), or what they eat or where you can even buy one or anything else about them. Hmmm...this may require more investing.

Here's the pic I keep seeing posted on Pinterest.

Here's the one I saw at the zoo.

3.  A couple of friends and I got together and went to a Nighthawks game which is the professional lacrosse team for our city. You can check them out at;  I'm embarrassed to say but I've never been to a lacrosse game before, so that is why I decided to go. It's even worse because I work at a college that has both Men's and Women's lacrosse teams. Shhhh...don't tell anyone.  

Anyway this was an interesting outing. It was held at the large Blue Cross Arena and it was jam packed. It was right before Christmas and was a preseason game so all tickets were free. You could donate a new toy that would go to children in need to help them have a brighter holiday so I did. The game was actually pretty exciting to watch. It was fast paced and you really had to follow it. This was a 3 hour experience...was getting a little tired toward the end, but it did go into an exciting overtime.  My one complaint was that by the last half hour I started to get a headache that only got worse due to loud game horn constantly blowing, people shouting and cheering, feet stomping, sport horns blowing by spectators and believe it or not cow bells! It was sensory overloaded. Never the less I would check out a game again in the future should the opportunity arise.

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