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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who's the BOSS?!

My dad asked for my help in tearing out the rotted side door to his garage and installing a new one. This was the frame, moulding, etc... the entire kit and caboodle.  He's never done a project like this before so he asked for my expertise. For once I knew more than my dad and he let me take charge and be the head contractor for the job while he was my brawny assitant. It was an awesome moment of POWER & CONTROL! mwaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!  ;)

We demoed the old door pretty quickly using crow bars and hammers. Cleaned up around the door frame, lifted the old door frame in. It was a bit snug so we had to use a mallet, 2x4 and cloth to wedge it in. We made sure it was square and level on each side and screwed the door in place. We had to cut some wedges/shims for one side. Then we exchanged the door handles (recycling and using the old one) and then bought rot resistant moulding, cut the pieces to fit using a circular saw (I even got to run the saw and it's now on my x-mas list of must have tools), nailed the moulding on and finished up by caulking and painting where needed.  Minus the run to Lowe's which takes forever because my parents live in the middle of the country it took about 3 hours from start to finish. We were both pretty pumped that everything went well and it turned out great.

Below are some pics of the finished project. Forgot to take before and during pics. oops!

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