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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whimsical "wish" Sticks

Here's another idea I saw at our local Clothesline Festival; this past weekend and decided to try out because I had all of the materials handy at home.  The vendor I saw that had created these decorations had a ton of them in a vase for sale for $5 each. The base was made out of a store boughten bamboo or cinnamon stick type of look.  I ended up using sticks I found all over the backyard.

This project is easy and is a good idea to help you use up all of your miscellaneous yarns, ribbons, raffia, even beads could be attached.  You simply take your left over yarn and wrap around the top portion of your base (my sticks from the back yard). You keep layering using different materials until you have the desired look you're going for.  I thought about other ideas that you could also incorporate such as attaching inspirational quotes or daily affirmations to each one. I also think kids would love these fun whimsical sticks. Some might even call them "make a wish sticks". The sky is the limit on this project.  Total time per stick about 10 minutes (it gets faster the more you create). Total cost; FREE using recycled materials.

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