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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dancing on Buildings & Zombie Apocalypse

My city held it's first Fringe Festival this past week; and I was able to attend a couple of the events despite a crazy work week.  I attended Bandaloop which I'd never hear of before and it was very awesome especially seeing the show at night under the lights. Here's the info. on the art of Bandaloop in case you're like me and never heard of it before this event;  It's basically performance art/dancing on the side of skyscrapers as the dancers are in harnesses.  They use the side of buildings as their dance floor/stage.

I also attended the improv show at Geva Theatre; called Zombie Apocalypse Saturday evening. It was a good show but I thought a lot more could have been done from a comedy perspective and given the topic.  However; there was vomit, blood spray, machine guns, Zombies and more!  I really wanted my picture taken with a zombie but there wasn't an opportunity.

Below are pictures of both events.

                                                Oops sorry so small. Someone else took the pics. Bandaloop

Zombie night at Geva.

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