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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've FINALLY Outsmarted the Squirrels!

When it comes to fall decorating on my outside doorsteps everyone who knows me knows that the huge annoying squirrels in my area have been the bane of my existence.  Every fall I've put out potted mums and real pumpkins on the steps and then carve the pumpkins for Halloween, except half of the time the pumpkins never make it to Halloween because within days the pesky squirrels have torn gigantic holes through the pumpkins and left a large mess all over my front stoop and driveway. I've even "Raided" the pumpkins and the squirrels still mangle them. This has been an ongoing war for the past three seasons until this year!!

I think I've finally outsmarted them...using fake pumpkins.  I used the pots I use to put mums in that were free to me. Cut up 2x4's to put inside. Found wooden dowels in my basement and found 4 fake pumpkins at Craft Bits & Pieces for a total of $2.  My mom then graciously gave me 2 large fake pumpkins from her collection to use on as the bottom pumpkins and these have a Halloween face carving on one side and plain on the other. With my dad's help (because he was around and helpful) we drilled holes at the top and bottom of each pumpkin (the middle was filled with styrofoam on the smaller ones) and then put the dowel rod through the pumpkins and into the 2x4. We did the same with the large pumpkins careful not to hit the lights (which we stuffed inside the large pumpkins because I didn't need them. Then you can decorate the pumpkins for fall on one side and Halloween on the other. It turned out pretty neat and they've been out for almost a week and a half and no squirrel marks on them!

**Since these pictures were taken I've decorated the Halloween side with sticks and raffia and it looks even better.

Here's another decorating idea I put together this weekend. I found these leaves clearance 50% off at Ride Aid and purchased them for 1.49.  I punched holes through each one and used a twine I had hanging around to weave them together and tie them to these hangers I had. They add a lot of color to the flower bed and bring your eye to the porch decorations.

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