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Monday, September 17, 2012

Recycled T-Shirt Totes- sooooo easy

I saw this picture on pinterest and I have yet to actually get to the tutorial but here is the site it links to from pinterest;  I kept thinking "boy I have to be smarter about what I send to Goodwill." There are so many projects these days that you can recycle, this being one of them.  I have a co-worker who loves it when I make her things and I've been looking for a gift bag for her birthday gift. She loves the college we work for so I donated my Community Service College logo shirt for this project.  The easiest way is to show you how to make this 5 minute tote so check out the pics below.

Turn shirt inside out.

Sew the bottom closed.

Cut out both sleeves in a curve shape.

Cut out the neckline in a curve shape.

All done! 5 minutes and you have yourself a tote out of an old shirt.

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