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Monday, June 25, 2012

Unearth Amateur Photography Contest

My sister, nephew and I went to Saluda Shoals Park yesterday;  This is a pretty neat park that has an education center, splash park, covered playground, wetlands, lots of trails, bikes to rent, canoeing, kayaking,tubing, and picnic shelters.  We had quite the fun day and even had to run in the rain a few times.  The nature center even had brochures that depicted images of different types of snakes and fish found in SC. My nephew loved those and took a couple home. We found an application for an amateur nature photo contest and went off to take some pictures in the wetlands. I let my nephew take some photos and then we both picked images that we want to enter in the contest. There are two categories; General Nature and Digital Creativity.  All photos will be be placed in an exhibit at the Environmental Education Center at Saluda Shoals Park Oct. 1st-7th. You can find out more information at

My nephew talked all day about wanting to find a crawfish so we took a walk through the wetlands. We saw a heron, some bugs, and finally as we were heading off the wooden path my nephew screamed "crawfish, crawfish"! Sure enough on a grass path there were a ton of huge crawfish (okay well 3 of them). My nephew had fun playing with them and trying to pick them up without getting attacked by them. As we headed to the car his day got even better as he spotted a tiny frog that he caught and played with for a bit. We think he's going to be the next Crocodile Hunter or bug scientist when he grows up. :)

Below are the pictures we are entering into the exhibit.

"The Wetlands" by Casey

"The Leaf" by Dominic- age 5

"Crawfish" by Casey

This photo is being entered because it was a little blurry but it's still a pretty neat picture of the tiny frog on the concrete path. It blended in really well.

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