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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spokes & Ink Festival 2012

I've taken classes at the Genesee Valley Art Center and am on their mailing list. I received an announcement on upcoming events and remembered the Spokes & Ink Fundraising Festival event last year. You can check out the info at   I remember wanting to participate last year but didn't think I had anything to contribute. After coming back from Europe and being inspired by all of the bikes in Amsterdam I decided to use a picture I had taken of an awesome bike while in Paris and create a poster to submit.

I made duplicate copies of the image of the bike, used iPhoto to manipulate the pictures and then ended up purchasing a program for the mac called iStudio. I used iStudio to put the poster together. I've submitted the pdf image of my poster and now I'll have to wait and see if mine is one of the posters picked to be exhibited and sold during the event. I'm keeping my fingers X!

What do you think?

***Update as of 8/7/12  I was informed that my poster was not chosen to be represented at the Festival. Bummer! Oh well, I think it looks good and may have it printed and hung at work.

*** Update as of 1/12/13- Here's a picture of my poster matted and framed professionally and hung in our hallway at work! Looks awesome!

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