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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Goodbye Europe: The places you'll go and the people you'll meet!

Well this is my last entry while in the UK. 18 days and 8 countries later while traveling with 36 complete strangers and enduring sharing a room with a complete stranger and I will go home in 7 hours a person who has experienced many different cultures, landscapes, and people, and have not only survived but flourished and can readily say I have will keep in touch with a handful of new people I've met. In fact I'm already thinking of my next traveling adventures... To Vicoria, BC to visit with Debbie and perhaps check out Washington state while I'm in that direction and the land down under, Australia to visit with Dave and Carolyn and Auri and Etti. Adventures for another year. Plus I can't forget my all time dream of going to Scotland, Wales and the English country side. Something has been calling me to Scotland for years now... We'll see where I end up next.

 The farewell dinner went really well and was a blast. We went to a great restaurant which was in a basement and felt like we were in a castle or cave. We were serenaded with songs from our countries and it was the first big meal we got to choose from a menu. No one will believe me but I tried a ton of foods at dinner as I was cheered on by everyone. You will believe me when you see the pics, but I ate French onion soup, blue cheese cheese, AND snails and frog legs and duck!!!!!! We'll see what my stomach thinks on the flight back!

 Oh- I forgot to mention that after visiting Notre Adams yesterday I was walking over a nearby bridge, saw a piece of paper flying my way, stepped on it, picked it up and found out it was a5 Euros! How exciting. Maybe all of those lucky wishes and myths I participated in are starting to work??? One can hope.

****And now what you've all been waiting for.... I have to eat my words. I did try new foods in my last night in Paris. I ate French Onion soup, Snails, Frog legs, and duck.*****
Below is the PROOF for all of you non believers!

French Onion soup

Preparing for snails.

Gross and rubbery! No wonder they had so much garlic butter on try and make them taste better. Didn't work!

Frog legs

Man- I hope I didn't just eat my Prince Charming. :) Actually it didn't really taste that bad.


I know I know...I make faces before I even eat it. It was actually good.

Now this is a meal- this was my actual heavenly perfect meal minus the veggies.

Amazing chocolate mouse.

Here's half of our group at our farewell dinner.

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