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Thursday, June 7, 2012

French Riveria and French Men

Today was a long driving day. I forgot to mention that we are a bus full of sickies. A virus has been spreading since we started and now it is a bus full of people coughing and hacking. I believe my roommate was Patient 0. For once I've managed to stay away from the worst of it.

We traveled the Napolean route to Grenoble through the French Riveria area and stopped in a canyon village in the Verdon Gorges. It was in the valley of the Alps and was incredibly quaint and picturesque. I could have stayed there for a week. I wanted to white water raft there, but not enough time.  Finally houses were decorated with different colored shutters and shops were decorated so creatively.

Traveling through the winding country created stunning images and France is the nicest smelling country except for Switzerland. The wash rooms were free yet they were the grossest so far. One was a hole in the ground with no toilet paper or water to wash hands and it reeked of urine and had flies all over. Our mean tour director doesn't let us use the bus toilet. She and the bus driver are down to 5 euros each for tip because he's been a creepy Italian and she's been a beepppppp. Other than them most everyone else on the tour has been great. People from all over the world, all different ages, and all different careers and life styles. It's been swell getting to know them.

 On the men front I've been quite disappointed in the lack of attractive men in each country until we hit France. I've seen lots of cute men once we hit France. At our dinner tonight we had a group of 12 Men near us who were looking our way. Ooo la lah. The weather has held up and was warm and beautiful the past few days. A storm just kicked up with thunder and lighting now but it's like 80 degrees out still. Perhaps it will keep up all night and drown out my roommates snoring! One can only hope. Well tomorrow I head into the final leg of my journey. I head to Paris in the morning and will attend an original Paris Caberet tomorrow night. Should prove entertaining from what I've been told. Then Sat. there will be a guided city tour in Paris including the Eiffel Tower, I'll walk around during the afternoon taking in the sites (and hopefully find my way to the Louve as I'm opting out of the extra excursion to the Palace of Versailles) then we are celebrating our last night with a farewell dinner.

Village of Castillin, France

Grossist toilet yet! Just picture how one uses it as a female...

Countryside of France

More countryside.

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