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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Warrior Dash- Running for St. Jude's

This weekend good friend Marcy, her brother and Uncle and I all headed on a road trip to Gilboa, NY out near Albany, to participate in the Warrior Dash race/fun run (  I had to be up bright and early as it was a 4 hour drive.  We got to our destination in the middle of no where (well there was a farm).  The event was a bit disorganized but we eventually picked up our race packets, checked our bags and headed to the start line.  For the next 40 minutes we were Warriors! The race was about a 5k with 11 obstacles throughout it and one really long "steepish" 3/4 of a mile hill. And of course there was mud! A lot of it!  I kicked butt on the obstacles though there was a couple of wall ones that were difficult if you were short and on your own.  I lost my friend and her family within the first mile so ran most of it on my own.  The worst part was some of the mud pits and pools as I had images of catching some disease (thanks Libby!).

Carrying on the theme of disorganized, there was a long wait for the showers if you could call a water tank truck with water from a pond that shot water out of the back at the speed of a fireman hose a shower. Of course it aligned directly at my face (not fun).  Needless to say I was still pretty covered in mud after that "shower".  This was also the first mud run where they had no changing tents or privacy spaces to change.  Apparently you had to be a St. Jude's Warrior in order to be a VIP and receive real showers, a private changing area and free food. Let's just say the changing clothes part was interesting and leave it at that.

We all hung out for a bit, checked out the rest of the freebies and food and then got back in the car for another 4 hour ride home.  It was a long day but fun. Thanks Marcy for being a trooper and driving!

**Next run will be the Rochester City Marathon Relay. Stephanie, Amanda and Marcy- here SMAC comes! Watch out Rochester!

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