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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Party In the Park and Walking with Ice Cream

My classmates/friends invited me to go with them and some of their friends to Party in the Park last week ( I hadn't been yet this summer and was looking forward to going as they brought back the original venue which is an actual park in downtown Rochester not a "parking lot".  We saw "Drive By Truckers" which is some country rock music. Not really my preferred choice but I went more to hang out with my friends and enjoy the experience.  The best part is the people watching. Boy there were a lot of characters there.  The weather was bit disappointing. It rained when we first got there and poured when we were leaving at the end. And of course not one of us remembered to bring an umbrella!  I happened to see an old friend who I graduated with from my first Master's in art therapy. It was really nice to catch up with her and meet her husband. It was ironic that I should be there with my classmates from my second Master's that I'm working on and see a friend from my first one. ;)

On Saturday night I was craving a walk and ice cream/froyo. I sent out messages to my friends and finally one friend agreed to Netsins (my corner ice cream shop) but no walk. So we went there and I got a kiddie cone of Chocolate Panda Paws!  Then I get home and water my flowers and get a text from another friend to meet up for froyo in Pittsford and walk the canal.  Yep you guessed it...I couldn't resist and ended up getting a small 2.50 froyo dish. :) At least we ended up walking about 3 or so miles along the canal. Made me feel less guilty about having ice cream for my lunch and dinner that day. :) Here's a picture along the canal that evening. Another great day!

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