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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Paint Nite

Similar to Painting with a Twist which I did back in April, I convinced my friends to sign up for a Groupon for a Paint Nite adventure. There was 6 of us signed up but only 4 of us could make it.  So, Paint Nite is a company that hires "artist" in your city and these people host large group painting nights at local restaurants/bars.  Our venue wasn't the greatest or interesting place to host the event (Bill Gray's at the Hockey arena) but it was one of the only nights we could all get together and had a somewhat interesting painting choice.

Basically you all get an easel, canvas, paints, and brushes. You listen to the instructor direct you on how to paint the one picture/painting option and you create.  While you create you can order food/drinks. The goal is to have a great time with your friends.

So here is the skinny on what I liked and didn't like at this event.  I learned from Painting with a Twist to bring my own artist brushes. This definitely helped me to not get frustrated this time around. I also liked that it was an easier picture to paint so it was more relaxing. The other was complicated and difficult to do to my satisfaction when you had a time limit on each section.  I also liked that the host/instructor kept stressing there is no right or wrong and you can make it your own by changing any aspect of it. (very art therapy oriented)  The instructor also shared a personal story about her son who has autism and who received art therapy and it really helped him in all aspects of functioning and socializing. Obviously, I thought this was really cool.

What I didn't care for is that many people came in late and still went straight for the bar to get drinks. This took forever and the instructor waited for them. We didn't get started until half an hour late (45 min. late for those of us who read the instructions that said to come 15min. early to get set up and be ready by the start time). This ultimately caused us to run over by 45min. and sit there bored for a bit.  The other main frustration was that there was no blow dryers. So once you got the first background part done you had to wait forever for it to dry in order to move on. Plus at the end you had to do the edges and then you were done so you left with a wet canvas. No matter how hard I tried canvas moves around and I got wet paint on my car seat. Arrrrr....

Overall...I had a great time with my friends. And I always find it interesting to see how our personalities show through or work through the medium of art. It was hilarious at times.

I'm not quite finished with my piece. I think I will continue to individualize and put a quote on it.  Will probably bring it to work and hang it in my office.

Here's some pics of Paint Nite with my friends (with permission from them).

My background.

My semi finished piece.

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