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Friday, July 25, 2014

Bike MS: ROC the Ride

I'm taking on a new challenge and a new cause this fall. I'm joining the Nazareth team in 

Bike MS: ROC the Ride September 7, 2014

for Multiple Sclerosis. The National MS Society mobilizes people and resources to drive research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by MS.

This challenge is two fold; first I have to raise at least $250 and second I have to bike 15.5 miles around historic Rochester.  In order to help me achieve this goal I've decided to use my artistic talent and put together an art fundraiser.

About the Art: 
I created 16 unique one of a kind pieces of art. All photos represent Nazareth or Rochester.  I took all photo images myself and had them printed in polaroid format from PaperCulture (a very cool business) with adhesive on the back.  I then recycled a piece of maple shelving I had laying around and cut them to fit the polaroid images.  Each piece of wood was burned and sanded to create a one of a kind look.  You can show them in two ways; by hanging them or displaying them using the hand cut and stained dowel rod that fit into the back of the wood.

Here's the Deal:
For every $5 you donate to my page on the MS donation site I will enter you in a raffle to win one of two pieces of art.  One represents Nazareth and the other represents Rochester.  They are shown below. (For example, if you donate $10 you will be entered twice to win one of the two raffle prizes.)  

If you want a specific piece of art then you can donate $20 and that piece will be YOURS!  Once you donate $20 please email me directly through my gmail account or through my naz account and let me know what piece you want. I will mark it has sold and I will make sure you get the piece (via mail or in person). Look below to see all options!

Deadline for all donations will be Sept. 7th!!!

My homepage on the MS donation site is:

Any questions please respond to this post or email me.

Thank you all so much for supporting my newest challenge!

Here's the two pieces being raffled:

Here's the art being sold for $20.














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