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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Patio Expansion and Archery All In One Day

If you've seen my blog post from last spring you'd know I bartered some patio pavers from a co-worker and built myself a little brick patio in two days.  Well, I knew since the time I built it that it was just a little two small but was to worn out to extend it.  That is until this spring.

I searched craigslist over a one week period and found a guy selling brick patio pavers for cheap. I enlisted the help of another co-worker who has a truck and muscles to help me pick up around 100 bricks and then started to work.  I made the expansion over a one week period a couple of hours each night after work.  It took 3 trips to HD, 27 bags of paver sad, 10 bags of paver rock/base and a lot of digging, but the outcome was worth it.  Beyond extending the length of the patio I decided to go all out and put in a built in fire pit.  I roped neighbor Bob into helping me out. He designed the fire pit and helped me build it. He also did a lot of direction giving, being sure to tell me when I was off or something wasn't level. :)

I christened my new and improved patio today by having a bbq with neighbor bob, his daughter and some friends over.

Friday night I went with my friend Marcy to see the Red Lion's perform again.  Then Saturday morning we went out to Traditions Archery; where we (by this I mean I) pretended be Katniss by using a bow and arrows.  Once I was bored with playing Katniss, I pretended I was killing zombies.  We did pretty good. By the end of the hour I was shooting straight and strong. I had one bullseye and two half bullseyes.  I would definitely try this again as it was pretty fun.  My arms and shoulders were a bit sore today but not to bad.

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