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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lilac Festival 10K Race

Here in Rochester each spring we celebrate the Lilac Festival; I guess you can call it our city "flower".  At Highland Park where the event is held there is one part of the park that has tons of lilac trees and you can walk through the park and smell the trees in bloom. Since Lilac season tends to be very short the festival is typically beautiful or a flop depending on the lilac season we get.  This year they were in bloom half way through the festival, so not to bad.  The festival itself is like many others, lots of food and other vendors, free music on the lawn and on weekends they have arts and crafts vendors (which tends to be my favorite part).

This was the first year that I ran in the Lilac 10k. A few friends and I ran in it. This was my first race since the half marathon. My training has decreased significantly with the most I've run being 6.5 miles one time. I've enjoyed cutting back and running just what I feel like on any given day.  This race had a 5k which started and ended before the 10k. There was about 1,200 runners for the 10k. I finished in 51 min. and 10 sec. which I was pretty happy with.  I came in 360 out of 1,204 runners, 22 out of 114 females in my age bracket (30-34 and I'm at the tail end of the bracket), and 130 out of 676 overall for females.

I'm kind of happy to say I don't really have any other runs lined up other than the Warrior Dash. There are a couple I'm considering such as the Music4Everyone (that would mark the anniversary of my first race ever) at the end of June and a possible 5k 4th of July run. I just haven't wanted to comitt at this point. We'll see what I end up doing....

Okay- horrible pic of me but had to share as my friends picked on me. Instead of grabbing to halves from the bin I grabbed a whole and put the cream cheese on top. For some reason they found this hilarious.

After the race we walked through the lilac part of the park.

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