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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Hands" The Next Community Art Swap

To participate in this community art swapfrom the Art Therapy + Happiness Project 2014 ( you had to create 11 hands (10 to exchange and 1 to keep of your own) using the outline form provided. I received the list of my exchange mates from all over the world again and am excited to see what I get in return.  I ended up receiving all but one zendoodle so not a bad exchange rate. I hope I get them all back this time though.

I spent one main night creating my hands. I didn't feel like getting messy for this project so I ended up pulling out my transfer blender marker and a bunch of print outs of neat images. I transfered the images onto the hands with each hand having a theme to it.  I then went on an internet search for quotes that I felt matched the images and I used an ink marker/pen to write the quotes on the hands.  I chose thought provoking and inspirational messages to put on the hands. I guess I felt that you never know who will receive the hand and where they may be in their life when they receive this gift so my quote may resonate or give them energy and/or hope in that moment. At the very least perhaps it will make them smile.

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